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Facts About House Paint

House paint is a specially formulated paint that is used in homes all around the world. It can be used to add color or uniform texture to both the interior and exterior portions of a home. While the most popular color of house paint is white, it can found in virtually every imaginable color.


  1. People have painted theirĀ  homes for thousands of years, with the ancient Chinese being the first to sell colored paint.


  1. Popular manufactures of house paint include Glidden, Sherwin-Williams, Dutch Boy, Dunn-Edwards and Valspar.

Expert Insight

  1. Use paint with titanium dioxide if you want to cover a large area with a version of paint with long staying power.


  1. When stored, house paint usually separates, so be sure to stir the paint before you use it.


  1. Many types of older house paint contains lead, which is a substance that can be very harmful to children and adults.